DIRECTV, one of the largest broadcast providers in the country, needed to refresh their MVP platform, a marketing support program for bar and restaurant locations.

While MVP was designed to help bar and restaurant owners receive more customers, the platform was viewed as purely transactional, resulting in infrequent use and lack of adoption. Instead, DIRECTV sought to create direct engagement with patrons, freeing up customers to manage new relationships.

We created a new MVP platform that aligned the offerings of DIRECTV with their interests and marketing efforts. In addition to increasing site usage, the mission of the new DIRECTV MVP relied on three key components: personalization, engagement, and loyalty. When utilized together, these components can broaden user reach, strengthen the individual experience, and differentiate the program Beyond the Box.


The world’s most comprehensive market research on consumer products. Euromonitor International Ltd is a London-based market research company founded in 1972.

Euromonitor International provides strategic guidance and analysis to help companies reach their goals. It helps them analyze and gain a competitive advantage by providing objective and comprehensive data on various industries and countries.

The new brand structure aligned with Euromonitor’s marketing efforts and their interests. Focusing on increasing site usage while at the same time blending one coherent ecosystem connecting their other flagship products.


Best known for its publication, The Official Helicopter Blue Book®, which has been sold around the world since 1979.

HeliValue$ is the trusted advisor and industry-wide interpreter for an international clientele of manufacturers, vendors, helicopter operators, banks, leasing and insurance companies, and aviation law firms.

A complete design package was created, overhauling the entire brand giving a fresh and exciting new look to a trusted industry icon. In addition to a new corporate identity, a streamlined digital aesthetic was united across HV’s diverse products..

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